aroundynamics is my first blog. It was basically aimed at documenting my experiences with the pre-MBA phase. I used to write about GRE, Profile building and Massive Open Online Courses. Though, not a regular blogger, this blog has been very special to me. I still maintain this blog and try my best to update it regularly. aroundynamics can be accessed from the link below :

Why the name aroundynamics ?

By definition, Dynamics means the forces or properties which stimulate growth, development, or change within a system or process. If you remove the "o" from Aroundynamics, you would read it as Arun Dynamics which means something that is concerned with growth or development or change within myself. May not make much sense, but to me, it does. And I wanted a unique name for my blog and it turned out to be a really unique name. And when you google search "Aroundynamics", all the search results leads to my blog. Wow :)