Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Introduction and Background


Background :
My name is Arun Prasad. I work as a Manufacturing Engineer for Cessna Aircraft Company in Bangalore. I have about 5.5 years of Work Experience. I`m selected into the 8th Batch of PGPEX-VLM program.

Objective :
This blog is a storyboard of events with respect to the PGPEX-VLM Program and to keep a track of all the events/thoughts related to the PGPEX-VLM program.

Why this Blog :
While applying for this program, I found no resource on the internet that gives a insight into the PGPEX-VLM Program, Application process, the student life, the academic curriculum etc. So, I sincerely hope that my experiences accounted here in this blog will be of help to the future applicants.

What I plan to Cover : 
Application Process and Interview process
Curriculum and Courses
Student Life
Interview with Alumni, Senior Students and Current Students

Stay Tuned!